My mission as the CEO of Agape Apparel isn’t just to offer clothing but share a story of faith and determination. Everyone loves to keep up with the latest trends, but what if I could offer a real life story behind the trends that you're interested in? What if I could share with you everything it took and is taking to be able to push this clothing line? What if I told you all this began through tragedy?


To be able to go through tough situations and not to actually look like what you went through and still going through is a total gift from God - especially when medically, your situation is documented as impossible. What the doctors expected to treat was a decapitated, paralyzed young woman without a voice due to paralyzed vocal cords - but God.


Agape - A Gift Above People's Expectation

So I"m on a mission. I wanna spread hope to everyone I can. What better way than through the very thing that's trending? The very thing I have love for - the fashion industry. 

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Agape Apparel Owner Shalandra Johnson poses with friend and also local black business owner
Agape Apparel Owner Shalandra Johnsons poses with two friends and also owners of local black businesses
Agape Owner Shalandra Johnson poses with her mother (right) and aunt (left)